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Essential information

With this brief practical guide you will know the most important historical chapters, many of which you can relive walking around the city, and you can clarify doubts about how to move around the city, schedules, security, etc., to enjoy the Catalan capital.

Lugares de interés

Como Gràcia y Sant Martí de Provençals, el antiguo municipio de Les Corts fue absorbido por Barcelona a finales del siglo XIX, dejando atrás su pasado agrícola. Hoy es un distrito básicamente residencial, pero cuenta con centros comerciales, parques, universidades y equipamientos culturales y deportivos, entre los que destaca, sin duda, el Camp Nou.

With family

Strolling among sharks and lions, looking at Barcelona from the top of a colorful big Wheel, discovering Catalonia from a zip-line... All this, and much more, it’s possible in an ideal city to visit with children.

Art & culture

Photography, painting, architecture, science, history... and even magic will meet up at the museums of Barcelona. There you will discover from the city’s Roman origin to the most avant-garde art, from the evolution of the Universe to the transformation of the design, and you will see the key moments of the last century through the lens of international photographers.


At Passeig de Gràcia and Rambla de Catalunya you will find luxury brands and international fashion chains, such as Portal de l’Àngel and Pelai street. On the other hand, neighbourhoods such as Gràcia and El Born are full of boutiques, or you can opt for the big shopping malls.

Barcelona at night

Rock, salsa, jazz, electronic music, bachata, revival... or the most fashionable commercial songs. The Barcelonian night sounds to the rhythm you want thanks to its wide range of music bars, nightclubs, clubs and party halls, in addition to a wide range of concerts played by national and international musicians.

Cultural events

Craft fairs, music festivals with foodtrucks and craft beer, exhibitions of renowned authors and emerging artists, routes through the secret corners of the city... and even surprising traditions for visitors such as the ‘castellers’, the ‘caganer’ or Sant Jordi’s day. In Barcelona you will find an endless number of activities. Don’t miss it!

Sports events

Barcelona is a sport reference and not only for its football teams. Since the Olympic Games in 1992, the city has hosted all kinds of sporting events, from regattas to horse races or competitions, to vibrant Formula 1 races, to world swimming championships or multitudinous races.

The gastronome Barcelona

The calçots (tender onions) of Valls, the blue-legged chicken of el Prat, the garotes (sea urchins) of the Costa Brava, the mussels of el Delta de l’Ebre... and the wines of el Priorat, el Monsant or Alella, among others, are delicacies you can taste in the restaurants of Barcelona, but not the only ones. Michelin starred restaurants, humble wine cellars, historic restaurants, bars in the latest… Barcelona has all kinds of establishments where you can have lunch, dinner or do the traditional vermut. There you will find local products and you will enjoy with traditional Catalan recipes such as bread with tomato, escalivada, tapas like the bomba (a Barcelonian recipe which consists of a potato ball stuffed with meat), black rice or Catalan cream. The supply is also wide if you like rather modernity and trying new things, as you will find the latest trends in haute cuisine and exotic dishes from all over the world.

Free publication

See Barcelona is a free distribution tourist guide of the city of Barcelona written in English, Spanish and French. Founded in 1996, See Barcelona aims to facilitate the stay of our guests by providing accurate information about cultural and leisure offers, transport, maps, museums, points of interest… It also includes reports and suggestions according to the season, as well as a section with information of tourist interest about the province of Barcelona and getaways outside the city. See Barcelona is well known and appreciated by both our visitors and the hotels and institutions that distribute it.

Its strategic distribution in the main hotels and centres of tourist interest of the city, as well as the personalization of many of its copies for hotel chains and international events, means an important platform to reach our final client: mid and short stay tourists in ​​both leisure and executive areas. Currently, See Barcelona is part of Pànxing Communication Group, with more than 25 years of experience in the publishing sector, with bimonthly, monthly and biannual editions in Catalonia, Andorra and southern France.

As well, Pànxing Communication is formed by an important team of professionals who work to provide creative solutions to companies, brands and products, offering graphic design, web, social media, digital printing, photography, illustration and publishing services.

This great platform offers the possibility to See Barcelona customers to go further and to have many more resources and possibilities for the expansion of their companies.

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